• Earn ProCoins

    1. ProCoins can be spent on chances to win ProDraw prizes.

    2. Experience Points level up your user status. When you level up you gain a lump sum of ProCoins and get closer to accessing exclusive benefits.

    Here’s how you earn both.

    Action ProCoins Experience Points Restriction
    Register510One time only
    Visit the community55One time a day
    Read the community rules over 15 seconds50One time only
    Upload profile picture50One time only
    Subscribe510One time only
    Follow a user50Two times a day
    Followed by a user55Five times a day
    View a post for 15 seconds 50One time a day
    Start a post in Product Review section1010Three times a day
    Start a post not in Product Review section55Two times a day
    Share a post55Two times a day
    Post a reply02Five times a day
    Answer a question55Three times a day
    Get a "like" on your post02Three times a day
    Like Other's Post20Two times a day
    Get a "collection" on your post03Three times a day
    Collecting a post50Two times a day
    Draw for "N" CoinsNNUnlimited
    A Hot Post510One time a day
    Register Your Product100100One time only