• Introducing ProDraw

    ProDraw is a way for you to win free goodies just by participating in our forum.

    1.Earn ProCoins by being an active forum user.

    2.Spend your ProCoins on ProDraw page.


    It's that simple.

    What to Do

    1.Register an account and we'll give you some ProCoins to get you started.

    2.Be an active user. Fill out your profile, put up a picture, create threads, and post replies. The more involved you are, the more ProCoins you'll get.

    3.Use your Coins to draw on the ProDraw page.

    4.Users are entitled to one lucky draw for every 25 Coins, and the number of draw is not limited.

    What happens if I win?

    1.We'll announce your username on the ProDraw page, then contact you by email for your shipping information.

    2.This event is open to users from all countries. But the shipping is only available to the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain. For users in other countries, we can also ship to the address you provide in above countries.

    3.Once you get your prize, we'd love to hear about your experience. You can even post a review on the forum and start rebuilding your ProCoins supply!

    How often will these drawings be?

    The draw can be made at any time of a day.