Proscenic M7 pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner User Experience #ProscenicRobot
Proscenic M7 pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner User Experience #ProscenicRobot
allgeier.christian2020/11/03 22:52

Hello everybody,

today, i want to share our experience with the Proscenic M7 pro robot vacuum cleaner.

We have owned the M7 pro for several days now. It has already vacuumed the house several times and also wiped it wet. Time for a first experience report.

The vacuum cleaner arrived well and safely packed. The packaging itself was practical and also relatively attractive. The robot's battery was almost fully charged. We were surprised by the extensive range of accessories that Proscenic gave the robot.

After unpacking, the next step was to set up the M7 pro via the Proscenic Home App. Overall it was relatively easy. Create account - select device - switch on device - connect to WIFI - done.
On the first try I got an error message, but this could be easily solved by following the instructions in the app: the mobile data connection had to be deactivated on the iPhone. I did this and the second attempt to connect worked immediately.

Now I could see the data of the M7 pro in the app and start the first vacuum cleaning process. 
I was very curious to see how the device would work. How good is the laser navigation? Will it get stuck somewhere on the furniture? Will it be able to overcome the obstacle (1.9 cm) between two rooms that our previous robot failed to overcome? How will the vacuuming and wiping performance of the M7 pro be?

During the first drive through the house I watched in the app how the laser scans the rooms. It was very nice to watch. Without any big problems the M7 pro went through and cleaned all four rooms that it should clean regularly. It avoided obstacles like chairs and tables and never got stuck for long periods of time. Even our biggest hurdle, the almost two-centimeter-high obstacle between the dining room and the living room, the M7 pro was able to negotiate without any major problems. Sometimes it takes two attempts, but so far it always worked.
The result of the vacuum cleaning was very good. We have a big dog with long hair and a black floor - a difficult combination because you can see every single hair lying around. But the M7 pro did it very well, no hairs were left visible - a great performance. The surprise is that the vacuum cleaner robot took about 40 minutes for the four rooms, which I find fast, and had almost 80% battery left afterwards - this exceeds our expectations and is very positive. The wipe function is very useful. It's not the same result as cleaning by hand, but no robot can do that at the moment. The wipe function works, helps in the household and is a great additional feature.

Today we received the "auto base", which automatically removes dust from the robot's dust bin. The installation is easy and it works very well. It is estimated by me that 99% of the dirt is extracted from the dust bin with the auto base. For us this is a great feature and a great relief. Because of the large area and the dog in our household we had to empty the robot's dust bin manually every day until now. Now we can use this time better. We are thrilled about it, it is very advanced and comfortable. We recommend the auto base to every user of the M7 pro. For us, the auto base was even one of the reasons why we chose the M7 pro, so I am happy that it works so well.

The Proscenic Home App is the place where everything is controlled, besides the remote control. The setup worked very well as described above and the functions of the app and the robot are very extensive. The translation in German could be a bit better. The description of the functions is not very easy. And we would like to be able to set up more restricted zones and to be able to rotate the restricted zones and user defined areas. Otherwise everything is perfect.
Where we had problems: we wanted to use the M7 pro from two devices (iPhone 6 and iPhone 11 pro) because we are two people. This was difficult in the beginning, but we managed to solve it. There is the possibility to add another user after the installation via the settings of the robot.


We are very satisfied with the M7 pro robot and the "auto base" after the first few days and can recommend it to anyone looking for a smart vacuum cleaner robot with a suction station.

+ Laser navigation
+ vacuum cleaning result is very good
+ auto base is a great feature
+ great price - performance - ratio
+ wipe function works well
+ product is well assembled / good product quality
+ we like the design
+ can climb up our 1.9 cm door treshold easily (very important for us)
+ in low and standard power level it is not too loud and still comfortable for us and our dog

- german translation of the app could be improved
- the shiny black case of the robot scratches quickly
- sometimes it slightly crashes into walls or furniture (no big problem, it does not damage any furniture or the robot itself) 
- high powerlevel is very loud if you are in the same room
- some app settings could need a better description
- 5 no-go-areas are not a lot, more would be better

All in all: we love our M7 pro! :)

What is your experience with your M7 pro or your other robot vacuum cleaner? Do you have any questions?

Kind regards from the black forest, germany



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