Welcome to Proscenic Community! Post A Thread, Win Big Prizes!
Welcome to Proscenic Community! Post A Thread, Win Big Prizes!
Proscenic Official2020/11/02 15:44

Hi Proscenic fans,


Our Proscenic communitay is coming. In this online space built exclusively for our family of fans, not only you can catch up on all the latest news and contests, but you can also share your thoughts and ideas with each other.


First of all, let's know about different content categories:


*News&Announcements: Everything about Proscenic, including the brand, the products and the community.


*Product Discussion: All the discussions regarding our products go here.


*Product Reviews: Share with us your Proscenic products experience here.


*Ideas&Suggestions: Share with us your ideas and suggestions about Proscenic brand, products and community.


*Recipes: Share attractive recipes together.


We are eager to hear your thoughts. Just post a thread, then you have a chance to win our newest product, M8 Pro and S1.


Here are three topics for choice. 

Post a new thread, include the tag #ProscenicRobot to be eligible for the contest.

1  in category “Product Discussion”, share some warm-hearted stories between you and Proscenic

2  in category “Product reviews”, share your experiences with Proscenic products.

3  in category “Ideas&Suggestions”, share your suggestions for our community improvements.


You can choose one of three topics to join in the contest. More threads you post, more chances to win!


Let’s grow together by exchanging our stories and thoughts!


Have Fun.



The thread must be in the corresponding category, on-topic and include the right tag #ProscenicRobot.


We will pick the top 6 threads based on creativity and number of likes.


Each user can post more than one thread but only the one getting the most likes is valid.


Top 1 post sender will win the first Prize, M8 Pro.


For Top 2-6 posts, each sender will get one S1 handheld vacumm cleaner.


This event is open to users from all countries. But the machine can only be shipped to the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, and Spain. For users in other countries, we can also ship to the address you provide in above countries.


The event ends December 2nd 23:59 2020.


Winners will be announced on December 3rd.


Proscenic reserves the right of final explanation.




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