Proscenic 850 T - Not everybody needs a vacuum-robot with laser-system - #ProscenicRobot
Proscenic 850 T - Not everybody needs a vacuum-robot with laser-system - #ProscenicRobot
Jürgen S2020/11/04 04:54
I have already had several vacuum robots in the past: Ilife V7pro, Proscenic 790t, Proscenic 820t, 
Roborock S50. I am currently using the Proscenic M7pro in my apartment. My Proscenic 820t is now cleaning a friend's smaller apartment and I bought the latest model,
the Proscenic 850t, for his mother.

Like the 820t, the robot has no laser navigation, but navigates with a gyroscope. He drives parallel
straight lanes until he comes to an obstacle, remembers this and then drives back the next lane.
He does this until he has actually covered all accessible areas. In the end, he then created an
outline / map of the apartment on which you can see exactly where he vacuumed.
This navigation and map display is certainly not quite as precise as with the laser models.
Nevertheless, I have made the experience that, even if it may take a few minutes longer, it drives
the entire apartment - and with a great suction power that exceeds that of the 820t.
The advantage of this navigation technology is that it can e.g. has no problems with mirrored doors
on cupboards etc. and, due to its lower height, also gets under furniture for which most laser
robots with their tower are too high.
The disadvantage is that you cannot specifically send it to individual rooms. If you only want to
clean certain areas of the apartment, you have to e.g. lock the other doors - or e.g. block the
path with the enclosed magnetic tape. Ultimately, however, in terms of cleaning performance and
navigation during vacuuming itself, I cannot determine as enormous a difference to the laser models
as is otherwise often shown.
The 850t handles obstacles very carefully, approaches slowly and usually turns around shortly
beforehand or at most gently touches the obstacle with the bumper in order to then avoid it.
I really like that you can vacuum and wipe at the same time. Of course, you shouldn't overestimate
the wiping function of all vacuum robots, but with the 850t the amount of water can be regulated
electronically - an advantage with different floor coverings.
I also like the external appearance. Everything looks very valuable and elegant. I have had good
experiences with Proscenic in the past. But with the last devices, the M7 pro and 850t, there are
still significant improvements in terms of material and quality.
I keep reading reviews about customer service issues. I cannot confirm this myself. In the past
I have always received quick and extremely friendly help.

Conclusion: If you have the option of having rooms cleaned specifically, creating no-go zones or specifically
vacuuming areas, the Proscenic 850 t is an elegant and powerful vacuum / mopping robot at a
low price compared to laser-controlled vacuum robots.
In any case, my friend's mother is thrilled!

Greetings to all from Germany

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