The first four days M6 drove me crazy. But now I will explain how the mapping is done.
The first four days M6 drove me crazy. But now I will explain how the mapping is done.
Kiya Spencer2021/01/29 10:51

I purchased this product as an UPGRADE for the Proscenic 800T. The first 4-5 days blew my mind... Because the mapping was of an unheard of difficulty.

My house has an area of 130 m2, which makes it more difficult... but the real problem for this robot is the presence of mirrors and shiny furniture.

The mapping starts simply by starting the Robot: basically it does the first cleaning and then once made full home it returns to recharge automatically and asks if you want to save the map. Then, in a very simplistic way you can rename the rooms, and you can ask the robot, at a later time, to clean only that room.

Up to here everything very nice but... at first it was a real mess... arrived near the mirrors the Robot calculates other depths for which the mapping is completely busted, creates rooms where not there are... Same thing for shiny furniture... I had to redo the mapping of my house for 4-5 times (I lost there maybe 2-3 days, for 2-3 h) to figure out which surface to cover to prevent it from overhanging in the mapping. Not only that... you also need to lift all chairs and movable surfaces.

Once this mapping is carried out, since the robot at each cleaning renews the map (e.g. new table, obviously detects it and puts it in mapping) it is necessary to generate virtual walls (intuitive from the APP) in areas where you do not want to make changes.

So, mirrors and glossy furniture must be surrounded by these virtual walls in APP. I see limiting the maximum number of generable virtual walls: only 10. I also had to waste time to better organize them.

Once the map is generated though, everything becomes simple: the cleaning will be faster, the return to charging will be faster.

It also has problems for sofas or furniture that allow it to pass, but they are too low. The robot passes us, but by touching the sensor the lower surface of the sofa, it distorts the mapping. On the surface of such sofas I recommend affixing a virtual wall and maybe cleaning it later using the manual Joystick present in the app.

In addition, if the robot fails to carry out (for large houses) with a single charge the complete cleaning of the house, it will return to charging, give a 50% recharge and return autonomously. This is a very convenient function for those who work and spend little time in the house. Also if you want and you are in the house, manually, arrived at 20% battery you can start the robot again. You can finish cleaning as soon as possible.

Another topic to be dealt with is the washing machine: we start from the assumption that you can set both vacuum cleaners and just washers and vacuums and washes at the same time (there are various tanks according to function)

The limit here is one: of course you have to be indoors. For 2 reasons:

1) The water in the tank ends after several m2 cleaned, so you need to recharge it

2) If the robot finishes the washing will go on recharge and is not recommended since the tank is present water. We risk doing serious damage.

So my advice is to wash one room at a time and once finished lock the robot (via APP) which in the meantime you will want to direct in automatic charging. At that point, recharge the tank and ask via APP to clean another room. When you are finished then, disassemble the washbasin tank and put the suction tank back. In that case, you can send the robot on automatic recharge without any problem.

Although I have been very verbose (I hope it has been useful), with good mapping the product works quite well and you will find yourself great.

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