M7PRO great cleaner, really does a superb job
M7PRO great cleaner, really does a superb job
Jim Cuculo2021/02/01 15:22

This vacuum is amazing, it's gods gift to human. I can't say enough about this vacuum, love it that goes under everything. The app installed on my phone and connected to the robot via my wifi flawlessly. The robot is quite a helper for people like me who spend most of their time out of their homes. 

I like several aspects of this model, first, it empties the vacuum automatically, so I can forget about it during the weekdays. Second, the app gives me an easy way to change the various settings it offers.

My house is big, but the robot returns to charge and can resume where it left. When I return home, the house is usually in good condition. I'm happy with it. This robot makes your life easy. The app allows you to have a quit mode for at night and a strong mode to give it more power. I like the feature.

Prior to this robotic vacuum I had a robovac that just bounced around and randomly did its job - sometimes. Half the time it failed to find its charging station, and it often left spots untouched. 

Because of my dog I have to take the roller out each time to clean it, but this robot comes with everything! Even a tool with a razer blade built into the tank to help clean and maintain it! It even has a quick release for the roller that makes cleaning the entire vacuum a 3 minute process, as opposed to a 20 minute vacuum and clean up job per usual!!!! My fullsized vacuume requires a screw driver!

And this thing remembers where it missed or wasn't thorough enough, slows down and kicks in the afterburners when it goes over a really dirty spot, and gets every inch of my house. It learns the home and takes less time each time it cleans.

The app allows you to dedicate "no go" zones, which negates the need for magnetic strips. I have a few places I just don't want it to go - like the bathroom which has bath mats. Additionally, it appears as if the developers have corrected for mirrors or windows (this thing uses laser after all), as the machine recognizes barriers when encountering each, remembers them, and doesn't try to explore them later.

There are also some limites for this thing: setting up restricted zones can be a hassle. You can't zoom in, and the controls are very frustrating. It is perfect if this can get improved.

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