Test A $239 All-New P11 Cordless Vacuum|#Testing For Free
Test A $239 All-New P11 Cordless Vacuum|#Testing For Free
Proscenic Official2021/07/19 16:36

Hi Proscenic users,


Our Testing For Free program is back! If you’re selected, we’ll send you samples of our latest unit. You test them out, and then send us a review. And it’s completely free.


It is time to test Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum! It's our newest cordless vacuum, so you don't want to miss out on this opportunity. Highlighted below are some of its special features enough to convince anyone to own it:


3 Modes Adjustable

3 modes adjustable, auto mode, energy-efficient mode, and max mode, which can meet your different needs.


Carpet Pressurization

Under auto mode, it can boost the pressure automatically when it encounters the carpet, and the suction can be adjusted in accordance with the type of floor.


Powerful Brushless Motor

450w brushless motor, the rotation speed can reach 130000rpm and generates 25000pa suction, far exceeds that of cordless vacuum cleaners from another brand. With 25000pa suction, it can suck the dust, hairs, or even the shells of nuts.


Multiple Stages Filtration System

Four stages filters, which can capture 99.99% of particles ejected while cleaning and locks in small particles without leakage and expels fresh air. Provides an extremely cleaning experience.


Long Endurance

Powered by 2500mAh Samsung Lithium-ion battery to deliver fade-free suction for up to 60 minutes, no needs to charge frequently.


Removable Battery

The battery is detachable, making it convenient to charge the battery separately and enables double cleaning time if you purchase a spare battery.


If you’re interested in providing some feedback in return for a free P11, then click HERE and apply to test. To find out more about Testing For Free program, or to see if you’re eligible to be a tester, check out our Rules.


Good Luck!


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