Can a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Replace a Corded?
Can a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Replace a Corded?
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Whether home or office cleaning, you can be sure that a vacuum cleaner is essential to get done what you hate doing the most.


The improvement in technology has seen the introduction of even more effective vacuum cleaners, some corded while others cordless. There are many factors you should consider before going for either of them.


This article highlights why you should replace your corded vacuum cleaner with a cordless one. You will also learn about the benefits of one.


We will cover;

  1. Can the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Replace the Corded One?
  2. Why Should You Replace Corded Vacuum Cleaner With Cordless?
  3. Proscenic P11 VS. Shark HZ2002

3.1 Suction

3.2 Floor Types

3.3 Weights

3.4 Convenience

3.5 Capacity

3.6Pros and Cons

  1. A Quick Comparison Table - Proscenic P11 VS. Shark HZ2002!
  2. Conclusion


Can the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Replace the Corded One?



When selecting the kind of vacuum cleaner you want, it all goes down to your needs. Usually, one of the main things you need to look at is the vacuum's cleaning power. Besides, you can also check how long it takes to get the job done and just its overall efficiency and convenience.


But, it is best first to know the differences between the cordless and the corded vacuum cleaner to opt for only the best.


One of the significant differences that set these two apart is attaching them when using them to clean. With the corded vacuum cleaner, you need to plug it into power before using it and even throughout the time you use it.


This kind of vacuum cleaner can perform well as long as there is a power supply. Also, such types have a strong suction power. Thus, it can help you eliminate all the dirt and debris.


The cordless vacuum cleaner differs from the corded one in that you need not plug it on power before using it. This kind comes with a rechargeable battery which requires frequent charging.


It may be quite a discouragement, but the batteries are usually strong enough to last you for long. Using this kind of vacuum cleaner guarantees you that your tight spaces will be clean.


Also, it is pretty easy for it to move from one point to another, thanks to most being lightweight.


Why Should You Replace Corded Vacuum Cleaner With Cordless?


It is possible to replace the corded vacuum cleaner with the cordless one since its performance is relatively better and even leaves your spaces more sparkling than the corded one. You will want something to clean your area pretty fast and clean as many rooms as once. So, the cordless one will do this.


The cordless vacuum cleaner can easily be moved from one point to another for cleaning. Even in places, you consider pretty hard to clean, the machine can do a pretty good job, unlike the corded one. All you have to ensure is that the vacuum cleaner has enough power to carry you through for a long time.


Before settling for the cordless, though, ensure you check the kind of space you intend to clean. If your room is big, the corded one will do a better job.


Cordless vacuum cleaners work best in smaller spaces and are easy to manage. Also, be sure that there will be no obstacle to get in your way as you clean before opting for the cordless one.


With these factors in check, you can ensure that the cordless one will do a pretty good job on your space.


Proscenic P11 VS. Shark HZ2002



These two vacuum cleaners are great, and they will make your cleaning easy. As a result, your room will turn out neat.


However, you may consider various things before selecting the best for your floors. Here is a comparison between the two.


1. Suction


The ability of the vacuum cleaner to suck up dust and all the tiny dirt on the floor should guide you in purchasing it. The suction power for Shark HZ2002 is pretty high relative to that of Proscenic P11.


Shark has a self-cleaning brush that can pick up so much hair when cleaning. It can perform deep cleaning in all parts of your house and does not leave a hair wrap with it.


The Proscenic P11 also features a mighty suction power thanks to its 450W brushless motor. With this motor, it can up its suction power to around 2500pa.


Thus, it ensures your space is super clean. Also, it has the saw design on the roller brush that rolls up pet hair and prevents tangling.


It also has a pet power brush that helps absorb dust from the pet's surface for effective cleaning. It can handle three levels of suction that you can use depending on what you are cleaning or the area. For instance, you can use it on the carpet, sofa, or even a laptop keyboard.


2. Floor Types


The Proscenic P11 is capable of cleaning any floor type. Usually, it features different types of brushes that you can adjust when cleaning a particular area, whether the carpet, sofa, curtain, bed, or pillow. For instance, its mini motorized brush can remove dust on beds, sofas, and pillows.


It also has a high crevice nozzle that deals with crevices. This vacuum cleaner can deal with wooden or tiled floors and does an excellent job on any other surfaces.


The Shark model is also effective in most types of floors. It can effectively remove dirt and debris from hard floors, the carpet, and even areas above feet. Its LED user interface makes it easy to change its mode to fit the floor type you are cleaning.


3. Weights


The Proscenic is pretty lightweight, and therefore it is easy to operate and manage. Usually, when you are using anything cordless, you have to ensure that its weight is something you can handle. You will require something that will be easy for you to move around with it and that is what this vacuum cleaner achieves.


The Shark, on the other hand, has a pretty high weight. This vacuum cleaner is corded, so you need to plug it into some power source to use it.


So, besides it being pretty heavy, the power cords also make it quite hard to handle and move with it from one point to another. So, in this case, the Proscenic will be much more effective if you want one that you can move around with quickly.


4. Convenience


Both vacuum cleaners are pretty convenient, each in its way. For instance, the HZ2002 is perfect for cleaning a large house since it has a cord to attach when charging, and you can clean most of your home without detaching it.


Also, it makes your cleaning easy due to the PowerFins brush roll and a soft roller that you can use when cleaning any floor.


This vacuum cleaner is suitable if you like to deep clean your space. Also, its self-cleaning brush roll ensures that it does away with the dirt and the hair that your pet pours. The vacuum cleaner also features a swivel steering that assures you excellent control and an easy reach to areas below the furniture.


Proscenic P11 is also incredibly convenient for making your space sparkling. First, its 60min long-life batteries ensure that you can clean as many rooms as you want. Thus, it can easily handle cleaning in a big house.


You need not charge the batteries frequently. Besides, its max mode lasts only 15 minutes which is quite a win for a cordless vacuum cleaner.


This vacuum cleaner features many brush heads. Thus, you can switch to the one that will fit the space you are cleaning. For instance, a round brush ensures easy dirt removal from areas such as tabletops.


It features a telescopic hose that ensures easy cleaning since it can go up, down, and around surfaces when cleaning. Not forgetting its adjustable power notes. They can switch to the different cleaning needs you put it through.


5. Capacity


Shark HZ2002 has a pretty huge capacity that can accommodate massive amounts of dirt, dust, and pet hair when cleaning. You can use it when cleaning sensitive floors, and it does a pretty perfect job regardless of the floor type, the kind of dirt, or the size.


The Proscenic, on the other hand, is also quite large and capable of handling just enough dirt and debris. It weighs about 1.8kg, so you can quickly move around with it. It can capture 99.99% of dirt particles thanks to its multiple stages filtration system.


6. Pros and Cons



One significant advantage of Proscenic P11 is that you can adjust it to the model that fits your needs. Also, since it works best on carpets, it can boost the pressure automatically when on auto mode.


Another great thing about it is that it has a high suction power that typically generates a large amount of energy far higher than other cordless vacuum cleaners. The major downside of this vacuum cleaner is that it works well mainly with carpets.


Shark, on the other hand, is great for most floor types. It will also perform an excellent job in large spaces. Its major downside is that it can be pretty heavy and inconvenient since you have to charge it when cleaning.


A Quick Comparison Table - Proscenic P11 VS. Shark HZ2002!



Proscenic P11

Shark HZ2002


High suction power of 25000Pa

Low suction power

Floor Types


Hard and Soft floors

Room size

Small room

Large room



Quite heavy


Low noise

Produces high noise

Changing modes









If you choose to use the corded vacuum cleaner, you will cover more space when cleaning. Also, you can use it when cleaning any floor type, whether it is hard or the carpets.


You can choose to use the Proscenic P11 to move from one room to another quickly. This vacuum cleaner is also super quiet when cleaning, unlike the corded ones. Moreover, it has multiple cleaning brushes to suit your needs.


So, opt for the Proscenic P11 if you want something that will automatically detect dust and clean it.

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